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Personal Care

Personal Care
Brand: Generic Model: Paduka Massager
Spring Acupressure And Magnetic Therapy Accu Paduka Slippers For Full Body Blood Circulation Natural Leg Foot Massager Slippers For Men And Women Spring Acupuncture Using Multi Massage Beads.Magnetic Therapy Using Red Massage Beads. Improves Blood Circulation Through Total Body Relaxation and Preve..
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Brand: Generic Model: In Massager
Generic Smoothing Body and Facial MassagerExfoliating Of Dead Skin Cells To Reveal A Roseate ,Youthful Skin.Massage And Application Of Cream To Better Penetrate The Skin And Keep It Nourished And Hydrated.Removing Hard Cells Under Foot Or Elbow. * Battery Replacement Important: If The Unit Is To Be ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Bottle Umbrella
Bottle Umbrella Double Layer Folding Portable with Bottle Coverperfect for opening and closing in a confined space or in a tight door angle when getting out of your car without getting soakedIt is not only a pretty bottle but a pretty umbrella when you open the top of the bottle and pull it out. You..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 4-Snore Free Nose Clip
Generic Pack Of_4 Snore Free Nose Clip (Color: Assorted)Safe,Convenient And Reusable.Applicable To Any Shape Of Nostrils. Get A Decent Snore-Free Night'S Sleep. Eliminate Or Relieved Snoring Effectiveness. Fits Gently Into Nostrils, Holding Them Wider Apart And Making Breathing Easier And Quieter...
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Brand: Generic Model: Toothbrush Cover
Pack Of_3_4 Pieces Set Plastic Storage Container Toothbrush Holder Portable Travel Tube Case CoverIt is small and light, easy to carry, and can storage pencils, pens, rulers, chopsticks, spoonsEasy to storeEasy to cleanKeeps toothbrush protected from dust, insects, etc...
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 5-Strips Acid Test Paper
Generic Pack Of_5 Strips Acid Test Paper Water Litmus Testing Kit 80 Sheets (Color: Assorted)There Is A Strong Correlation Between The Ph Of The Body'S Internal EnvironmentPh Paper Help You To Maintain Good Healthy Body By Testing Many Usual EverydayIncluding Moisturized Soap, Lemon Juice, Milk, Liq..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of_3 Nail Clipper Big
Pack Of_3 Nail Clipper BigSize: Medium, Packing Contains: 3 Pcs Nail Clipper, Packing Contains: 3 PcsComes with coverWrapped and sealedCutting Nail too close may cause injury, Keep it away from children; All family members must have separate nail cutters to maintain hygiene just like tooth brush...
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Brand: Generic Model: Dummbell Water Bottle
Pack Of_3 Dumbbell Water BottleThe Water bottles comes in different variationsSweat and leak proofWide mouth, Easy Carry, Firm Grip, Airtight, LeakproofAdd ice cubes easily for a Cold Drink with its wide mouth Opening..
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Brand: Generic Model: Women Shower Cap
Pack Of_2_3 Pieces Set Caps Beautiful Dots Printing Lightweight Colorful Disposable Shower CapThese are shower caps, made of PE material, lightweight and safe.good choice for you. suitable for home, travel etc.Disposable design with exquisite detail makes them practical, you don‘t need to clean them..
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Brand: Generic Model: Banana Umbrella
Stylish Banana Shaped Mini Foldable UmbrellaThe umbrella light weight and durable.Dual layer strong oversize umbrellaA good choice for kids presentIt fits comfortably into the outer casing which protects the umbrella and anything else in your bagColor:Assorted...
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Brand: Generic Model: Derma Roller
Pack Of_2 Derma RollerReduces hyper pigmentationImproves the absorption and effectiveness of skin care productsSoak the derma-roller in a disinfectant for 15 minutes. Take the makeup off your face and neck. and nbsp;Wash your face and neck with antibacterial lotion and pat dry. Start rolling over th..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pull Reducer
Pull Reducer, Waist Reducer Body Shaper Trimmer For Reducing Your Waistline And Burn Off Extra Calories, Arm Exercise, Tummy Fat Burner, Body Building Training, Toning Tube This Unique Product Can Tone Your Back Muscles, Reduce Belly Fat, Improve Blood Circulation And Also Improves Your Body Posture..
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