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Brand: Generic Model: Non-stick plastic rolling pin
Generic Plastic Non-Stick Rolling Pin Fondant Cake Dough Roller (Assorted)• Essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant,paste and more.• With the bumped point on surface,effective to roll the dough.• Rolling press evenly, more save effort to use. Non-stick and easy to clean.• Great for r..
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Brand: Generic Model: Puri Cutter
Generic Pack Of_2_Stainless Steel Puri Cutter Roller Machine (Assorted)• Even if you are a beginner, it will allow you to make beautiful wavy-shaped dumplings in a short period so that you won't be in a hurry.• You can also use it to make Empanada, Pierogi, Ravioli, Won-tons, Pot stickers, Paste Lil..
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Brand: Generic Model: Food Storage (pack of 2)
Generic Pack Of_2_Pack of 2 Food Storage Container with Removable Drain Plate and Lid 1500 ml Fridge Storage Box  (Assorted)• food storage container with drainage plate, suitable for storing seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. Block cool and keep water.• Easy to find your food. Ref..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel fish scale remover
Generic Pack Of_2_Fish Skin Remover Stainless Steel (Assorted)• Eating fish provides you with many health benefits, but removing scales can be difficult• Stainless Steel Fish Skin Remover let you easily remove scales quickly and safely without fuss, practical to use in kitchen.• The Fish Scaler is v..
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Brand: Generic Model: 24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold
Generic Pack Of_2_24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold (Assorted)• Enjoy the Real Taste of Your Cold Drink - Our Big Ice Cube Trays Let You Enjoy Your Drink without The Water Dilution of Other Ice Cubes.• Silicone Ice Cube Tray Makes 24 Cubes• Our Product Are Fda Approved and Dishwasher Safe and Eas..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of_2 Faucet Shower Head
Generic Pack Of 2_Anti Splash Expandable Head Nozzle Bathroom Tap Adjustable Splash Sprinkler HeadRun Shower From Normal Size Water Tap Or Normal Pipe End Without Tap, (Color:(Assorted)It Works As A Water Filter As Well Since It Has Inbuilt Minute Holes For Outflow Which Restrict Tiny Raptiles, Inse..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicon Scrubber
Pack of 5_Home Cleaning Sponge Silicone ScrubberQuick Home silicone sponge made of flexible and durable food grade material.Easy to clean, scrubber discourages formation of any smell.Unique design comfortable grip won’t slip out of wet hands, It’s flexible so you can bend and roll to clean the corne..
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Brand: Generic Model: Clever Cutter
Pack of 2_Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Food Chopper Slicer Dicer Vegetable Fruit CutterSmart Knife with Cutting Board: easy for food cutting, great for making the salad and very useful for camping, trips, BBQ, Picnic.Multi-function Vegetable Chopper: a detachable knife for chopping, the top blade features a..
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Brand: Generic Model: soap pump dispenser
Soap Dispenser 2 in 1 Sink Dishwasher Liquid HolderFill it up your favorite dish soap, then use the included sponge to press down on the pump, Color:Assorted.Cleaning dishes is about to get a whole lot faster with this soap pump and amp; sponge caddySoap pump dispenser best for home, school, office,..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 2-Coconut Opener
Generic Pack Of_2 Coconut Opener Bundle Drill Cutter (Color: Assorted)Stainless steel bladeNever gets dull. Tap into count in seconds. Cleaning stick included. Extract coconut water effortlessly from young coconuts with this easy tool.Push the tool through the soft husk at the top of the young drink..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cutlery Holder Strainer Drainer Spoon Fork Organizer
Kitchen Home Dry Cutlery Holder StrainerKeeps Sink area Organized and cleanTiered design separates different types of cutlery whilst draining.Strainer at bottom allows water to drain into the base so it won't leave any wet spots on your counter.easy to clean..
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Brand: Generic Model: Casserole
3Pieces Set Hot And Fresh Insulated Plastic Casserole (Color: Assorted)Eating hot and fresh food is everyone’s desire and this casserole with a interior and plastic outer body retains heat effectively for long periods of time. Now eat a hot and healthy lunch or dinner even on your busy days, or carr..
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